Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Origami Crane Mobile

Just made this mobile for my daughter over the weekend. She is 16 months old, and our little lady bug... Over the winter I got back into to doing Origami again it was a long winter. So I had lots of time to get back into the groove of it.

My sister and I used to do origami together back when we were young (early 20s) and also with an old friend when I lived in Maui. 

The mobile I made has big and small cranes hanging from it with little blue beads. I used solid colored origami paper and origami paper with multicolored stars. I also used some green floral wire I had around and sewing thread. 


 It's been fun; I have some extra cranes... Maybe I'll just make more and do a  window curtain! Until the next time my loves... Enjoy the day it's sunny and beautiful outside xo

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