Friday, February 4, 2011

My Red Sweater

I love this Red Sweater! I got a hole in it about a year ago, was very sad by this so I got into my  iron on"s and found this flower patch, and I think it works! Can't want to wear it with my black A-line dress, teal blue open toe heels, & fishnets!

just got to sew the end of the flower part, than all done and ready to wear!!!!!!

OOOOoooooooh I love these too!


My NEW Work AREA!!!!

Need a bigger place to live!!! Art takes up a lot of room:) my apt is very small, but I make it work!

I just made myself a work area in my bedroom/livingroom hahahahahahahah........ it's working out great just wanted to share with u all my new little nook!

The Madeleine Mini Bloomers!!!!!

 I found this at Colette Patterns, it's a great site for anyone who loves to sew! I just fell in love with them, I had have to make them:) I have some really cute fabric in mind for this project....If you go to the collette patterns web site you can get the pattern for *FREE*!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ali della farfalla

I've always been in love with Butterfly's! Just like all little girls do....
But what I love most about butterfly's is there wings! I wish I had wings, so I could fly any where I wanted to go..........

be on the look out!