Sunday, March 21, 2010

I realy want a JOB in the MAKEUP WORLD!

So it's a year later done with makeup school AND still no job in the makeup world! I moved to the wrong area in Vermont! I'm moving up to Burlington @ the end of the summer, for college and to get a job at MAC Makeup store or at the makeup counter in the mall! I just getting out of rutland! Getting an 2nd job and saving my money...just pay the bills,food,420 and nothing more!SAVE SAVE SAVE FOR BURLINGTON!

80's Makeup looks done by Nicole Cruz

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alpha Sensi Milla Sorority

Alpha Sensi Milla Sorority

Started in Maui, Hawaii in 2006 by Morgan Haynes & Nicole Cruz

Here's to drinking on the beach, and fucking in the bushes. Bringing guys home to the softest of cushions. Partying like rock stars till the sun comes up, drinking Hennessy from the ASM cup. Cause we're hot ass bitches that will make you cry, and we're Alpha Sensi Millas till the day that we die!

So the Sorority had an little road trip yesterday, up to Killington,VT.. it was Sooooooooo nice up there! They still have snow up there, and was a great day for a ride:0).....But no riding for us...... are one sister might have tore her ACL:( so no riding till next season! It was great to get out of town, even if it's only 20mins after the day up @ the beast dinner with friends, and a little house party.......whoot!!! whoot!!!  Doing it ASM style Bitches!

"We're the sorority that acts like a fraternity because we wear our balls on our chests" by ASM Sorority☮❤!/pages/Rutland-VT/Alpha-Sensi-Milla-Sorority/338736831857?v=wall

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the ocean

I've been watching Point Break all day now! it's making me miss the ocean big time! trying to get back to Hawaii, hopeful I can get back there next winter for a month or soooo!