Thursday, March 1, 2012

☆☆☆☆☆☆My New Blog☆☆☆☆☆☆

So I get a new blog home ✰✰✰✰✰COME CHECK IT OUT✰✰✰✰✰✰

here's the link:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bag Tags from Brickhouse

HEy here are some bag tags I made the other day!

 I'm putting them on etsy in the next day or so...and it's under

Brickhouse Phontaine!

My 1st Makeup Tutorial!!!!!

Hey Everyone:)

I just did my very first makeup tutorial, I was SO much FUN! I'm going to be doing more of them in the next coming up weeks, there's going to be makeup looks from, everyday makeup, avant garde, wedding makeup, airbrush makeup, and much much much MORE!
Will I hop everyone gets something out of this! Remember this is my VERY FIRST  TUTORIAL so be easy on me, lol..... but I would love feed back! 

Here is the link for it My 1st Makeup Tutorial

my playing around with my photo booth 

Blue/Green Eyeshadow

Now we all know I love shoes! I've been seeing this one style &
I really want a pair!!!
     They are Sam Edelman
The shoe's are the link for the website's!

Here is some more shoes I found!

LOve Them!

❤peep toe!

Coming soon Wedding Dress and Wedding Makeup!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Makeup Shopping for "About The Author"

So I got a new makeup gig! Working on a movie set, the movie is called "About The Author" it takes place in the green state of Vermont. So I've been going thew all of my makeup and seeing what I need and what I don't need. So far the things I need:

1. Mascara  ( Black & Colored)
2. Pressed Powder
3. Black Liquid Liner
4. Primer
5.Concealer ( In different Skin tones)
6.* Makeup Remover*
7. Eye Makeup Remover!
8. Illuminator ( NARS or Smashbox)
9. More makeup Brushes
10. And I'm sure I'll think of some more things.....

So I went shopping around Burlington the other day, downtown mostly. Stop by Mirror Mirror I love the girls there, they are Sooooo NICE!
Got some awesome HD concealer & this photo finish lid primer from Smashbox! Here are the links from them: High Defintion Liquid Concealer
Photo Finish Lid Primer

And then I went to the makeup counter in the downtown mall and got some makeup from Clinique! I LOVE CLINIQUE, eveything from them is GREAT... I got this Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15, It's so lightweight, you'll never even feel it. Here is a link to that as well:)
Almost Power Makeup SPF 15

I've tried lots of mascara's in my time. I'm using the CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara, A must have!!  Than I was using this mascara from MAC, It was the Wonder Woman blue mascara, LOVED IT! I wish they would make it again!!!!! It was almost just like the mascara from Dior, it's called DiorShow Backstage Makeup. That's one of many great mascara out there, but to go back to the clinique high impact mascara, I really love this one, because of the way it feels when gong on and the look it gives your eyelashes, riple-shot of glamour..... leaving them luxuriously thick, lengthened & curved to the max!