Thursday, March 3, 2016

A new name but still doing my art...

So it's been almost a year since I've done a blog and I am very sorry about that... Just a lot has happened in the past year! Too much to get into but I'm back now, and creating some beautiful pieces. I'm changing my business name from Brickhouse Phontaine House of Designs to Art by Brickhouse. I am evolving into something more and opening up my eyes to new possibilities! My muse, my beloved daughter Z has been my light, my love, my reason for living. She has given me so much inspiration so I dedicate this her. I love you, honey!

I'm getting back into paper art and my first creation that I am making is an origami crane mobile. Now I know I've done them in the past, but my artistic evolution has inspired a different style. I am also working on some origami wall installations which is going to be in my daughterʻs room! 

I'm also working on some digital art and getting back to my roots with painting! Oh, and I'm also getting back to my roots of aromatherapy as well. Gonna be making some great beard oils and beard balms for the hubby! I'll be posting those recipes very soon. We still have our Etsy store -- it needs some work but still got it! Iʻll let you all know when it's up and running.  Stay tuned for more!!

A little sneak preview of the stars cranes for the mobile 💫✨

Bleeding Hearts

Our beloved Z

   Winter on Jupiter

   Maui Sunset

 Swimming Hole in Vermont